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The 2015 Disney Connection is your go-to resource for family fun and memory making. Designed for Golden Oak residents to create a magical Walt Disney World® Resort experience, the Disney Connection features the Golden Oak Resident Pass, concierge-style resident services, and in-park and resort benefits. Many are included in membership in the Golden Oak Club, while others are available for an additional fee. The Golden Oak Club is a private social and recreational club for the enjoyment of its members and their guests. Each homeowner of Golden Oak is required to be a member of the Club.

All of the enclosed elements, offers, amenities, entitlements, benefits, privileges and services that comprise the 2015 Disney Connection are valid until and expire on December 31, 2015 (except that passes, tickets and offers related specifically to the Golden Oak Resident Pass will be valid for any specified time periods provided). An updated and revised Disney Connection will be available to all Golden Oak Residents on January 1, 2016. Golden Oak Development, LLC and its affiliates make no commitment that the elements, offers, amenities, entitlements, benefits, privileges and services which comprise the 2015 Disney Connection will be included in the updated and revised Disney Connection.

Please call 407-939-5577 for more information.

Download the 2015 Disney Connection

The Disney Connection, amenities, benefits and services are subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time.